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Planned changes and target areas

Reserve initiated at the level of the discussion and the adoption in 2007 of the Government of the Republic of Tuva-making scheme of the federal and regional-governmental protected areas in the country until 2015, which mainly included proposals reserve for expansion and creation of new clusters rezoning of security zones, proposals for other PAs of federal and regional significance. These proposals are based on the materials of the reserve of long-term research (S.S.Kurbatskaya) monitoring activities (S.V.Spitsyn, 2006.) And other researchers on the habitats and migration of rare species of animals and plants. Established previously recorded areas of high density and migration of leopard and argali, a rare species of birds, endemic plants, etc.

The newly proposed areas commanded that in the 80s, 90s of the 20th century were not supported by local administrations. These include projects to create Sangilen cluster in the upper reaches of the Naryn river and Balyktyg-Hem; land proposed as "Important Plant Areas" within the framework of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation - mountainous area, the so-called tundra located between the rivers and Kargy Mugur on the northeast slope of the mountain range Mongun-Taiga. This area is adjacent to the existing cluster "Mongun-Taiga" and can be attached to it. The peculiarity of this area is a manifestation of the law of altitudinal zonation in the mountains - the direct closing of the mountain with mountain-steppe belt, passing the forest belt, which is not present on the array Mongun Taiga due to arid areas. The third section, "Important Plant Areas" - steppe. They may be the area between the remnants Yamaalyg, Holbaev and Onchalaan where conducted long-term monitoring of steppe ecosystems in the area ohrannnoy reserve "Uvs Nuur Basin". Part of this area is recognized as suitable for the reintroduction of Mongolian gazelle, the draft of which is being developed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

In total, in the Republic of Tyva environmental scientists allocated 143 perspek-tive land for protected areas, of which 28 were discussed, included in the scheme 20, incl .: - proposed in the scheme of federal protected areas - 11;
- Adopted the scheme of protected areas in the region - 9;
- 8 sections rejected the government's Commission for territorial planning as promising mineral deposits and rudoproyav-ment.
Among the projected federal areas: 1 National Park "Todzha"; 8 areas - as future new clusters reserve "Uvs Nuur Basin"; 2 reserve of federal importance.

Promising regional PAs referred 4 sites in the status of national parks, and 1 reserve (species, sezonnyy- IBAs).
Layout RPAs approved November 7, 2007. Acting-tion of the Government of the Republic of Tyva, proposals on the federal list of directions-Lena Russian Ministry of Natural Resources to form a representation of the subject of federation in Correspondingly-dance with the legislation in force.
On 01.09.2007. on the territory of the Republic of Tuva has 18 protected areas (including two federal), the total area of ​​1393 hectares (8.2% of the territory).