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Ecoeducation and excursions

The reserve "Uvs Nuur Basin" has the status of a biosphere. Having a large landscape and biological diversity, Uvs Nuur Basin is considered to be an amazing collection of ecosystems, a kind of model of the world - "a small biosphere", as there are almost all natural zones of the Earth. By car one day the light from the hot sands through the Siberian taiga, you can climb to the alpine tundra and eternal snows.

Areas of cross-border Russia ( "Uvs Nuur Basin") and Mongolia ( "Uvs Nuur") reserves declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in a single category "Pool Lake Uvs Nuur."

Excursion Reserve programs are conducted by employees of departments of environmental education and science. On the territory of the reserve there are 4 routes.

Visitors have the opportunity to visit and other cultural events are traditionally held in summer in the country: the International Festival "Ustuu-Khuree" folk music (July), National Day "Naadym" (August), "City Day" (September).

Excursion and hiking trails:

Route "Kantegirsky serpentine"

Rafting Kantegir (West Sayan), deep-sea fishing
The route is made on catamarans
Difficulty level - 3-4.
Time of travel - from June to October.
Length - 4 days.
Accommodation - field conditions (tents).
The route begins in the town of Abaza. Can zabroska directly to the mountain Sambo river (160 km. From the town of Abaza). The landscape of the taiga. The northern slopes of the mountains are covered with pine and larch forests, the southern - mountain forest and larch forests. In the forests of a large number of fungi and a variety of berries (honeysuckle, red and black currants, cranberries, raspberries, blueberries). There are bears, elk, deer, musk deer, rabbit, sable, squirrel, chipmunk, and others. Among the birds are the most numerous nutcracker, jay, grouse, woodpeckers.

The entire river to the fjord can be completed in 4 days, but to enjoy the beauty, fishing and so on. E., Better after a day of alloy to provide a day of rest.
The final section of the river - water reservoir (about 55 km.).

Route "Pearl of sand"

Duration of the tour - 4 days.
Travel Period - September 1 June 15.
Placing - in Kyzyl - hotel; on the lake Tore-Khol - yurt.
The route begins in the capital - the city of Kyzyl. Here, tourists can visit the National Museum of the Republic of Tuva, shamans society, Buddhist temple, to get acquainted with the sights of the city. It will be interesting to see the birth of one of the largest Russian rivers - the Yenisei, take a walk along the waterfront, where the obelisk "Center of Asia".

The next day, tourists go to the lake Tore-Khol. This lake is unique in that it is the only freshwater lake in the whole of Uvs Nuur Basin - a real "jewel" in the sands. In the surroundings of the lake you can see the rare, endangered and endemic plant species. There is an excellent opportunity to observe many different birds. There are marked rare species of birds listed in the Red Book of Tuva and Russia.

Tourists visit and at the foot of the mountain Yamaalyg, where many burials of the Scythians and the Huns.
Fantastically beautiful landscape form of clean sand Tsugeer Els, who spread out near the lake.
Amateur fishing is allowed, and you can taste the richness of the ear.
Warm, clear and gentle water of the lake will enchant you forever!

Route "Mongun-Taiga"

Automobile and hiking route.
Travel Period - September 10 June 15.
Placing - in Kyzyl - hotel; At the station - the yurt, the tent.
Alpine massif Mongun-Taiga (3976 m.) Is located at the junction of the borders of Mongolia, Gorny Altai, Tuva and is the highest peak in Eastern Siberia. The mountain has a dome-shaped top, which is covered with a layer of permanent ice. The mountain slopes are a wide variety of alpine relief from genital forms to strongly weathered pologovolnistyh slopes that gives more options to choose climbing routes. In the summer and in good weather the classic ways to climb to the top does not require special skills. The most favorable time - from mid-July to mid-August. In the off-season is windy. You can make extreme winter climbing. Hurricane winds combined with low temperature (up to -50-60 C) require climbers to mobilize all possibilities of the human body. Part of the way from the village to Mugur-Aksy district. Kara-Sug is overcome by car. It will rise about 5 km. on the river bed. Kara-Sug. River Valley closed to the moraine of the glacier formations. The road continues on a short but steep slopes of the moraine. The camp is divided into the main edge of the glacier and the mountain slope at an altitude of about 3200 m.

Climbing. It will take "cat", rope and compass not to lose reference points on the glacier during inclement weather. (Mountain Mongun-Taiga is separated from the neighboring mountain systems Tsagaan-Shibetu Shapshaal and, because of what is often the wind on the mountain develops hurricane force). Predvershinnoy off girded wide bergschrund (crack). Below the glacier breaks off in the icefall.

Depending on the readiness of the group and weather conditions, you can choose climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty. The easiest way is through the pass Petrel, located on the saddle of the mountain and glacier Shiree Mongun-Taiga. With good weather in the summer from the camp to the summit can be reached in 5-6 hours.

It is home to such rare species as the snow leopard - snow leopard, mountain sheep - argali, ibex.

Route: "Khemchik"

Route length: 550 km (including 30 km of the alloy).
Travel period - June-August.
Estimated length of the route: 3 days / 2 nights.
The process of movement of visitors along the route: the car-road, rafting on floating facilities. Maximum permissible load on the sightseeing trail: no more than 4 groups in a month. the regime stay on route Requirements: a group should have its own sports equipment: boats, wetsuits, splash proof jackets, life jackets, helmets, etc. to the physical training requirements: the route is designed for physically trained people;. the route allowed the children to their own 18.
Route: Kyzyl - with. Chaa-Khol - with. Shanchy - m Shanchy- Aqsa -. R.Hemchik - accommodation p. Chaumes-Noise - cordon Idik-Haunch - with. Shanchy - with. Chaa - Khol - Kyzyl. Recommended target audience: athletes - conductors.
Construction and Equipment route: Cordon (garage, sauna), information boards and notices, space for tents and a campfire.