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Clusters reserve

The reserve was created in 1993 as part of the five cluster areas, the number of which by 2000 had increased to nine. When the original territory of 39.6 thousand. Hectares to date, the reserve area is 323198, 4 hectares. The total area of ​​protected zones clusters of 601 938 hectares. On the territory of the nine cluster areas of the reserve lists all natural ecosystems Ubsunursky hollow from wetland, steppe to the mountain taiga and glaciers. The reserve inhabits 83 species of mammals, 350 species of birds, 3 species of fish, 2 species of amphibians and 7 species of reptiles. The reserve's flora includes 1263 species of plants.

The reserve area for cluster areas:

Kara-Khol - 122451 hectares
Khan Deer - 112,917.4 hectares
Oruk-Shynaa - 28,750 ha
Ular - 18,000 ha
Mongun Taiga 15890 hectares
Aryskannyg - 15,000 ha
Tsugeer Els - 4900 hectares
Uvs Nuur - 4490 ha
Yamaalyg - 800 hectares

Cluster section "Tsugeer-Else" is presented aeolian sand dunes. Located in the northeastern part of the Ubsunursky hollow on the left bank district. Tes River, covers large arid sands Tsugeer Els.

Security cluster zone includes areas of feather grass steppe and desert with rocky remnant mountains, river valley. Tes River (along the left bank) above the confluence of its tributary - p. Erzin with meadow vegetation and wood Tuga in the flood plain, as well as a freshwater lake Tore-Khol.

Geographical coordinates: 49 ° 45` - 50 ° 29` N and 94 ° 45` - 95 ° 35` WA.

Cluster section "Ular" is located on the southern macro hr. Sangilen, covering the entire basin. Ular-Khem and part of the watershed hr.Horumnug-Taiga, adjacent to the western wing of the ridge. Sangilen. Mountain forests of southern boundary of the boreal forests of Siberia.

Preservation of landscape and biodiversity. Geographical coordinates: 50 ° 18` - 50 ° 31`SSH and 92 ° 20` - 95 ° 50` WA.

Cluster section "Yamaalyg" is located in the southern part of the remnant plains on the left bank of the river. Tes River, east ridge Agar-Dag, north sands Altan Els. Remnant stretches from B-SW to W-SW. The height of 1321 m above sea level. The length of 10 km.

Steppe, outlier, with a rich variety of archaeological objects of cultural and historical heritage.

Geographical coordinates: 50 ° 12 '- 50 ° 15' N 93 ° 40 '- 95 ° 05' E.

Cluster section "Aryskannyg" is located on the southern slopes of the ridge Tannu-Ola, in the river basin. Aryskannyg-Khem and has a rectangular shape, extending from north to south, stretching along the foothill trails. The maximum width of the section 24-28 km, the length of 42 km.

Mountain forests of southern boundary of the boreal forests of Siberia. Preservation of landscape and biodiversity.

Geographical coordinates: 50 ° 98` - 50 ° 54` N and 94 ° 25` - 94 ° 38` WA.

Cluster section "Uvs Nuur" is located in the northern part of the lake and estuarine delta. Oruk-Shynaa at the confluence of oz.Ubsu Nur along the state border of Russia.

Geographical coordinates: 48 ° 15 '- 51 ° 09' N and 90 ° 40 '- 98 ° 50' WA.

The largest (in the basin of the Great Lakes region of Mongolia) closed lake Uvs Nuur ( "Uvs Nuur" in Mongolian), a mark the water line 759 masl The northern part of the delta and the northern shore (10km.-Russian part) is included in the cluster "Uvs Nuur".
Important Bird Area of ​​international importance. Mongolian part of the lake is included in the list of Ramsar sites.

Cluster section "Oruk-Shynaa" is located on the territory of the Tes-Khem kozhuun in the floodplain Oruk-Shynaa along the State's Russia and Mongolia border.

Important Bird Area of ​​international importance.
Natural sea buckthorn thickets of buckthorn (Hippofaer rhamnoides)

Geographical coordinates: 50 ° 33 '- 50 ° 42' N 93 ° 30 '- 94 ° 05' E.

Cluster section "Mongun-Taiga" encompasses an array of vertices orographically Mongun-Taiga (the highest point of the Eastern Siberia - 3976 m above sea level), and includes the glacial part of the array.

The security zone is located around the protected area, covering the upper Balyktyg rivers, Mugur, Mogen-Buren and includes river Mugur-Shegetey, Orta Shegetey, Toolaylyg, Shara-Horagay and Hapshi up to the intersection of the rivers with the state border of the Russian Federation and Mongolia. It is dominated by alpine landscapes, glaciers, snow, tundra and alpine vegetation. Cluster and security zone - a key area of ​​the Altai-Sayan ecoregion for the conservation of biodiversity and landscape (snow leopard, argali, and others.).

Geographical coordinates: 50 ° 45` - 50 ° 29` school, 94 ° 23` - 95 ° 35` WA.

Cluster section "Kara-Khol 'is located in the northwestern part of the country on the territory of Bai-Taiga kozhuun on the border with the Republic of Altai and the Republic of Khakassia.

It shares borders with the Altai and Khakass reserves. A key area of ​​the Altai-Sayan ecoregion biodiversity (Snow Leopard, and others.). In the protection zone of the eponymous lake Kara-Khol, has tectonic origin.
The area is mainly located in the spurs of the Western Sayan mountain-taiga zone.

Geographical coordinates: 50 ° 55 '- 51 ° 40' N, 88 ° 55 '- 90 ° 10' WA

Cluster section "Han-Deer" (Kantegir) Located on the southern spurs of the Western Sayan Mountains, along the border with the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The relief of the mountain, the upper limit of the forest, the forest is mainly clean pine with larch. Altitudes reach 2800-3100 m. N. y. m., the relief is strongly dissected deeply incised river valleys. According Khemchiksky ridge portion "Han-Deer" is adjacent to the Sayano-Shushenskaya power reserve. A key area of ​​the Altai-Sayan ecoregion biodiversity (Snow Leopard, forest reindeer, ibex and others.). Neighbouring areas rich in mineral springs, buffer zones are pripis-governmental hunting farms (fur, hoofed animals, aquatic resources). The area has a high tourist (pedestrian, water, spa) potential.

Geographical coordinates: 51 ° 39 '- 52 ° 15' N, 90 ° 00 '- 92 ° 15' WA.

The cluster is divided into 3 sections:

"Han-Deer-1" (Left Bank Kantegir river Abazinsky District Inspectorate)
"Han-Deer-2" (to Ulug-Kargaev river Sut-Khol district Inspectorate)
"Han-Deer-3" (Chaa-Khol district Inspectorate).