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2014 The scientific activity of

I. Observation of phenomena and processes in the natural complex reserve "Uvs Nuur Basin" and their study program "Chronicle of Nature"



Research carried out by employees of the SB RAS UMTSBI


Annual summary of meteorological data

Research carried out by employees of the reserve

Hydrochemical characteristics of lakes Ubsunursky hollow

Research Department conducted a laboratory analysis and technical measurements in the Republic of Tyva

Flora and Vegetation

The study of the biodiversity of flora and vegetation: inventory and monitoring. Detail-route studies exposed cluster "Aryskannyg" created flora database using "the IBIS" information system, as well as fitotsenoteka. Laid geobotanic permanent platform for long-term observations. In the period of 2012-13. collected about 500 herbarium sheets, produced 56 complete geobotanical descriptions.

Research carried out by employees of the reserve

Fauna animal population

Relative abundance of individual species of hare hare, squirrel ordinary, sable, column, mink, ermine, weasel.

Monitoring of the population size of small mammals in the control plots.

Inventory representatives of avifauna, conducting census of birds on specific areas of the reserve. Phenological observations of individual species of birds.

Research carried out by employees of the reserve

nature Calendar

The phenological features of the main seasonal natural phenomena, the seasonal development of the flora, fauna seasonal condition

Research carried out by employees of the reserve

State reserve status. Human impact on the nature reserve and the buffer zone

Research carried out by employees of the reserve

II. Monitoring of certain groups of snow leopards in the south-western Tuva.

III. Long-term monitoring of mountain peaks on the GLORIA program.

IV. Monitoring the success of the settlement of artificial nests for birds of prey in the buffer zone sites "Tsugeer Else", "Yamaalyg".

On the territory of the Tes-Khem and Erzin administrative Tuva areas in the buffer zone of the reserve officers with the methodological support of the Siberian ecocenter, Eco-Center "Dodo" and the financial support of UNDP / GEF project "Biodiversity Conservation in the Russian Portion of the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion" in 2009 and 2011., manufactured and installed 49 nesting platforms on concrete supports. Since 2013, the Scientific Reserve Department conducts monitoring of success of artificial settlement platforms of birds of prey.

V. Monitoring of number of Otis tarda dybowskii, as a species endangered in the country

Reserve held avtouchety number of bustards in the major habitats before and after the breeding period in the territory Ubsunursky hollow.

VI. Monitoring of individual cross-border groupings of Altai mountain sheep

VII. The ecological status of water bodies in the basin Ubsunur example lakes Uvs Nuur, Shara-Nur, Tore-Khol