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"Children of Russia - for the preservation of nature!"


In the National Park of Culture and Recreation of the Republic of Tuva was II All-Russian ecological children's festival "Children of Russia for the preservation of nature!"
         June 5, the International Day of the Environment, with the support of the World Wildlife Fund and the Government of the Republic of Tuva was II National Environmental Children's Festival - a family holiday, based on the values ​​and principles of environmental culture in Russia.
The opening of the festival took place at 10 am at the sculptural complex "Center of Asia". It was further organized procession of festival costumes snow leopards to the National Park.
The park guys waiting different interesting outdoor activities: workshops, exhibitions of animals "living corner" cognitive platform, theatrical programs, contests and games. Like last year, the "highlight" of the All-Russia festival were performances of the KVN teams - winners of the regional stage of the regional children's environmental festival "Land of the snow leopard", organized by the reserve "Uvs Nuur Basin", supported by WWF. The final victory went to the team from the time the children with. Ak-Dash Sut-Khol district, by the way, for the first time to take part in the festival. Second and third places were taken by pupils from the village. Chaa-Khol Chaa-Khol district and. Morin Erzin district.
         The festival was first held for traditional park master class "Gallery of drawings on the rocks" with the Club of Friends of the WWF "The Blue Bird". Many interested persons - both children and adults with pleasure participated in this creative event, leaving the memory of cute leopard, pictures of other animals, flowers, trees. Well, who said he does not know how to draw, just could write warm, warming the soul of the word. Figures covered with lacquer, and now they remain a long memory, will decorate the flower beds in the middle of the park.
At the end of the program made a puppet theater with a number of the bat, the children could not take their eyes off of dolls - characters, depicting different animals - our neighbors on the planet.
"We were at the festival with his son, he was 5 years old. He liked this. I believe that such holidays are imperative for our children, because in today's world, people often do not live in harmony with the natural environment, do not understand the basic principles and laws of interaction with her, from which then themselves and suffer "- Marina N.
"I really liked the festival so easy, friendly, sunny atmosphere! Especially liked the color stones, even the mood has risen "- Alexander, 13 years
Maria Galatsevich, the press group of the reserve "Uvs Nuur Basin"