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"Children of Russia - for the preservation of nature!"


In Tuva II National Environmental Children's Festival will be held June 5 at RT National Culture and Recreation Park

The festival "Children of Russia for the preservation of nature" held on June 5 in the World Environment Day and the Day of the ecologist, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Tyva.

Russian Environmental Children's Festival - a family holiday, promotes the values ​​and principles of "green" culture in Russia. The festival takes place in order to attract the attention of children and youth to environmental protection, protection of rare animals and improve the environmental culture.
The main target group of the event should be children and adolescents. The event may participate and the adult population of the country.
The aim of the festival is to expand and deepen the children's knowledge about the nature of their native land, the awakening of interest in the wonderful world of nature and raise responsibility for the environment.
The event will be held in the RT National Culture and Recreation Park in 11.00.
On this day, the event will take place for the outdoor children master classes, entertainment venues, theatrical programs, contests and games. Like last year, the "highlight" of the event will be performances of the winning teams of the district stage of children's environmental festival "Land of the snow leopard", organized by the reserve "Uvs Nuur Basin", supported by WWF.